Surgical Hair Replacement

Surgical Hair Replacement

Although hair loss is a completely natural process, which sooner or later happens to a vast majority of men, for many people, it can be frustrating and disruptive.

Fortunately, there are options available to you, even when you have partial balding.

Surgery in the form of transplantation is an industry-standard solution that makes a full head of hair a reality for anyone!

Hair restoration surgery is a minor surgical invasion. Usually, this procedure is being performed quickly and with no to little pain effects…

Incredible Results Await…

While our clinic stands for making every possible effort to stimulate hair growth before baldness becomes apparent, it is not always possible. Unfortunately non-invasive treatments that generate new growth from the existing roots are not always the answer…

But the hair transplantation techniques are time and again proven themselves as always successful.

Through transplanted follicles, you trick your hair into changing its behavior as if you’ve always had healthy roots in those areas.

Restoration surgery is a recommended solution for those people, who’s advanced male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia) tends to form a natural ring of hair around the bottom of their head. During this procedure, specialists move follicles from the lower edges to the crown, allowing hair roots to settle and sprout into new hairs.

Hair Surgery: How It Works

Hair transplant surgery is the most common procedure and doesn’t even require general anesthetic to complete. Instead, patients receive a small amount of tranquilizing medication, which reduces the overall discomfort and minimizes anxiety throughout the procedure.

During surgeries like that, specialists remove samples from the areas of your head that still produce hair consistently. Technicians splice samples into small grafts. Each one features two to three strands of hair. Grafts are inserted into small slits in the desired growth area. Within a few moments, these tiny skin sections assimilate into their new home as your body’s natural glue anchors them in place. Finally, the donor areas are sutured with small stitches. Donor areas heal within 10 to 12 days; at this point, stitches can be removed.

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What our patients say

I’ve always been afraid of what an effect aging will have on my hair… Eventually, starting at the age of 35 I began to lose my hair on the forehead…Now I feel myself young again, all thanks to this clinic’s budget prices and an awesome quality!

David Cameron

- May 10, 2016

Since I’ve retired, my balding process became a real grievance for me (as a 60’s kid I’ve always used to have long hairdos)… But as soon as my friend recommended me this hair renewal clinic, I signed up for the treatment and after that I’ve never felt happier!

John Major

- May 10, 2016

It’s true, that men do not take balding lightly… For me this was twice as true, as I began to lose head hair very early on, in my late 20s… I’m not sure how it would’ve end up, if it was not for this brilliant clinic’s Follicular Unit Extraction therapy! Thanks!

Benjamin Disraeli

- May 10, 2016